Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wishing you... by Glenda Gibbs

I’m hoping this is finding you with a full agenda … and if it isn’t, shortly it will be.

I’m hoping that you will get out of the house and find other’s whose circumstances are ‘worse’ off than yours … and perhaps you can smile … adding to their day as it will yours.

I’m hoping you find yourself mixing with people, nodding your head, smiling, offering a helping hand…. Perhaps sharing an act or two of kindness (maybe even anonymous).

I’m hoping you transmute a thank you … saying with your eyes, your smile, “ I appreciate you in my life” to each and every one you come into contact with …

I’m hoping you share with your family how special they are and without them your life wouldn’t be the same …

I’m hoping you take a moment to write a list of appreciation (you have experienced in your life) to God/Source/Universe – and most importantly thanking God for having the opportunity to be an expression of love, making a difference in this world and the experience of what love really feels like.

My friend … I wish you a successful day, because without you reaching out and touching mine, my life wouldn’t be what it is.