Saturday, December 28, 2013

Topic: Chain-letter / Never!

Oh how I despise those letters laced with implied guilt or negative consequences if the directions aren’t followed. I have been known to say I never participate in chain-letters. Typically I hit the delete key.

A while back I received a chain-letter via Facebook from a dear friend. Something about this caught my attention; perhaps I looked past it being a chain-letter and appreciated the message from her.

Giving the message a lot of thought I decided to amend my earlier conviction; I sent out this message to several women, the directions included return it to the sender and onto a number of others. No it wasn’t one of those instructing you to send a dish towel or a dollar; this was about the reader’s strengths and attributes.

I forwarded this message to a group of women who I admire and who have indeed, made a difference in my life. Added to the ‘form letter’ and included in the salutation, I personalized it, describing my admiration. 

One person replied with a thanks and how she never participates in anything like this. My reply included “typically I don't either, I would have been just fine without the line of sending it back or passing it on ... though I made a decision, not caring if it was sent back or passed forward, I wanted to share my experience/ admiration with you”.

“Never say never” is a great message within itself.

And yes, I will continue keeping my delete key handy.


A special thanks to you for reading this!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Who’s your decision maker?

Listening to that voice in our head supports us in our successes or it can be relentless – reminding us of what won’t work. Typically it’s our decision maker. 

So the old saying goes that which we teach is what we need to learn. I’m not exempt. I was having bad dreams. These dreams included hashing and rehashing issues – fictitious and unresolved situations - I would wake up filled with anxiety - sometimes several times during the night. Other times I couldn’t shut my mind off. My daily living was affected.  What to do?

One of the tools I share with my clients is EFT/ tapping also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. It looks corny and initially one feels even cornier when experiencing the process, however it works!! 

Similar to acupuncture, without the needles, tapping on different energy spots release stress, anxiety and many other negative emotions, to be replaced with a healthier positive outcome. An excellent tool! 
Early one morning I was lucid dreaming, as if I were an observer I asked why my sleep was being disrupted. A scan divulged the culprit… I have a chronic-worrying-and-anxiety-filled mind unless I diffuse it with tapping – therein the solution – I’d gotten so busy I forgot to tap. It (the negativity) had been accumulating. Gosh. 

Typically, using the index and middle finger on either hand to tap the outside of the opposite hand (the fatty part next to the palm and right below the knuckle) named the Karate Chop; thinking about the situation, visualizing it and feeling the emotion(s) is all it takes to diffuse my worries, anxiety, stress and any other negative situations. 

Upon collapsing these emotion(s) I conclude with tapping how I want to feel – that is if I’m still awake. (Most generally the results of tapping is so relaxing I return to sleep effortlessly).

Immediately I felt better, my mind was clear and I was able to sort, organize and implement potential solutions to the unresolved issues. With daily tapping, the anxiety and worries were/ are next to nil. 

I love being human…

For more information and a diagram and script visit my website:

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bringing out the best!

Officiating weddings typically is more than just showing up and signing the license ... for me it's personal in that getting to know the couple and perhaps the immediate family ... last week I received a call from a Gramma asking me if I would travel to Walla Walla (100 miles RT) I said sure. It was very important to her to provide a small wedding for her granddaughter. Gramma was so nervous ... I smile as I understand the role of a Gramma.

Upon meeting the future grandson-in-law ... I learned both he and his future wife were raised in southern CA; he was sharing how he appreciated his bride's Gramma as she had taken the time to teach him how to drive amongst many other things and now because of her, they were having a wedding. Upon departing it was a Gramma thing to share with both, how blessed they are to bring out the best in the other ...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A positive attitude goes a long ways!!

A good laugh! 

A quick-thinking woman is completing a phone call and the CSR asks her if there is anything else they can do; her response, “I’d like a back rub”; or “Put a million dollars in my bank account.” 

Imagine being the CSR… 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flexibility to resistance

Flexibility to resistance

is likened to a lighted candle 

in a dark room.


Just Do It!!

It's so easy to put others first ... Remember the instructions the airline attendant shares: put the oxygen mask on you first and then help others. Set an appointment (on the calendar) for you and Just Do It! 

Detox Beet Carrot Smoothie
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Love to Smile!

Love to smile! Yep, sometimes it's a stretch ... 
and then I remember how good I feel.

 Happy Day to you!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinterest junkie?

I don’t know about you, but January is my least favorite month of year for weather. Eastern Washington is known for over 300 days of sunshine however most of January is gloomy and cold. I struggle to stay motivated. 

December 21 is the official day when winter begins and each day thereafter is one minute longer, thank goodness! Even if the weather is gloomy I appreciate the daylight. 

Because of the weather, I have been spending lots of time enjoying photos of flowers blooming - vibrant colors, full of life, a reminder spring is getting closer. How exciting! My mind is imagining beauty as I look at my grungy looking flower beds; eager to be outdoors and playing in the dirt. 

Those of you who know me well, know of my creativity; it flourishes in my entire life. I feel so blessed. 

As with everything, moderation is important. This really came to my attention recently as like many of you, Pinterest is bookmarked as a favorite. We’ve become best friends. Pinterest is a place to lose yourself and not even realize it, oh by the way, this site is not exclusive to women. This website is over-the-top; a search will deliver countless ideas (pins) for almost (if not all) interests; my insatiable thirst to ‘collect’ – could be said “I hoard” – cringing, do I dare admit? My immediate follow-up thought, it’s true I collect AND put many ideas to use.

Back to the January being my least favorite month of the year, avoiding the cold and unable to garden, planning for the following season makes sense. A good thing to do, unless this planning includes hours of time bringing forth the thought, “Where did the time go?” 

Yet, I love getting lost in all of the possibilities… it’s so mesmerizing.  

In my world of teaching and preaching .... I believe anytime a behavior consumes and interferes with a typical productive routine needs immediate attention; without change the behavior has the potential of becoming an addiction.
The realization that my time was forever gone, my work/ home related projects neglected and justifying my time on Pinterest (pining, re-pinning and adding - words of a true Pinterest junkie)… was a red flag.

My plan of action: I consciously make better choices. I decided when ‘fun’ time is for me (obviously after my work/ home commitments are complete). 

Here is a list of progressive choices all requiring self-discipline:
  • Delay opening Pinterest or related email until 'fun' time
  • Work related - set a timer
  • Move Pinterest or related email out of sight to a folder
  • Pinterest ‘fun’ time 
If all of the above actions aren't effective I will
  • Delete my Pinterest board

I feel really good about my realization and getting myself back on track. Surly there are others who have ‘lost’ and 'found' themselves too …. How have you addressed this?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Supplements: How do you know what is right for you?

Preface: I am a member of a group where another member posted a request asking for recommendations regarding supplements. There were several replies, mostly personal experiences and offering him an MLM opportunity.

My reply: 

While there are many excellent products available I wonder if many over-supplement or randomly guess with sporadic results... I agree with (another member's) suggestion "to find a health practitioner who knows muscle testing (Applied kinesiology)"; I'd also suggest for those who need more: seek a medical doctor who practice includes a holistic approach and have blood, urine and saliva testing in conjunction to hair analysis to determine exactly what the individual needs for optimum health. The test results include testing (all) foods, herbs/ spices determining reactions/ allergies, and levels of minerals. Additional basic blood testing to the aforementioned provides the individual a clear scope of what is occurring within their entire body and what it needs for optimum health. My doctor uses US BioTek , Doctor's Data, Inc. and a local lab for the basic blood testing; 

I really appreciate eliminating the guessing and that I have the control to make the changes needed. I have no vested interest financially with my recommendations. 

I use amongst others, Pure Encapsulations for my supplements.

As the reader, what are your thoughts?