Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grandma's love ...

Who would have known? This grandma thing is far better than I ever expected.

My grandmother’s name was Beulah – a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

I don’t remember a lot of interaction with her when I was young… My grandparents lived 300 miles away.

As a young adult I’d visit her and we’d chat, mostly I’d listen as she didn’t get out a lot. I especially remember how she kept ‘goodies’ in the frig… all for sharing. Gosh I felt special, I really felt loved.

Grandma taught me several things … a child (of any age) loves to be listened to, they need to know that they are special, there's always goodies, and most important, they need to feel loved.

As most of you know my oldest daughter gave birth to a little guy 6 weeks premature January 3. Today Jaspyr is flourishing. He’s coming along quite well; Dellyne continues to breast feed Jaspyr, he is weighing 10 pounds, his chromosome tests returned normal, and the doctor is pleased with his development.

All of your prayers and wishes of good health … thank you, our miracle baby is thriving.

It seems like yesterday I was holding and hugging Bryce, my oldest grandson who is 15 ½ (Jaspyr’s brother), we’d be talking, playing and I’d feed him… Even though he’s a teenager much is the same, he knows he’s special, there’s always goodies … and most important, he’s loved.

Bryce gets it - he's holding and hugging Jaspyr, talking, playing and feeding him... (even changing him). Grandma would be proud.

Photos of both my daughters children

May your day be filled with sunshine and smiles!

All of the following photos were taken April 20, 2011 except for the last.

Here is Bryce and Jaspyr March 20, 2011