Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stomp the A.N.T.'s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Class

 A fabulous opportunity to learn about your thoughts and methods to change them! Budget friendly too! Stomp the A.N.T.'s (link is Richland Parks & Recreation for more information and registration. Questions? Give me a call at 509-585-9683

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The other day I was driving my little old lady friend to the grocery store. I was engaged paying attention to her sharing. Unexpectedly, she pointed to the roof of a home — and requested that I start noticing roofs. Hmm.

This little old lady is almost 78 and is filled with pearls of wisdom. As I broadened my view to include roofs, I noticed other things ... some that I take for granted.

Like the fog. Some complain how it closes us in. Another view to consider: the fog becomes a temporary canvas for us to look up and have the white background magnifying the things we might normally overlook. 

I am often astounded how we are provided pearls in life.

They are always there ... when we are.

Reprint from Food For The Soul, Glenda Gibbs


Monday, November 19, 2012


Have you heard the story about Pain, Blame, Shame and Fame? 

Pain, Blame and Shame were always attempting to be the same as Fame.

Sometimes it was just easier for Pain, Blame and Shame to give up and wait for the right day. With luck, maybe someone would help them. The days came and went... and so did the years.

Sometimes they felt as though they were on the right track — they told each other so. They believed they were happy ... yet they believed true happiness would be euphoric when they caught up with Fame.

The last it was known their persistence gained momentum with the addition of Regret, Doubt and Not-Enough.

And their pursuit continued.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

STRESSED? 8 Minute Meditation


8 Minute Meditation for you!

Over 10,000 have used this meditation, makes for a better day! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reminder: It’s so easy to smile, laugh and have fun

I once had a mentor who specializes in brain development; she said our brain knows exactly what our brain needs and we will gravitate towards it whether we realize it or not....  

A few days ago I was making a quick stop by my oldest daughter’s home to deliver a toy to Jaspyr. While he was having fun playing with his new toy a neighbor stopped by to visit; when she was ready to leave Jaspyr wanted to go too. She wasn’t able to take him and he was adamant he wanted to go bye-bye; I offered. He was so excited. We went to his Cousin Berkeley’s home and played for a couple of hours; it was a great afternoon.

Prior to stopping by and dropping off the toy I had several things lined up to accomplish; when Jaspyr was insisting he was going somewhere I decided my plans could be postponed. 

My life has been so busy I forgot how important it is to take a break and surround myself with my grandchildren who smile, laugh and have fun.  

Happy day to you!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gathering leaves while the wind is blowing …

                    I love my gardens... 


My home is on about a ¼ acre and the grass is disappearing as I put in yet another flower bed, fruit tree, veggie/ fruit/ herb garden(s) and berry plant. 






The property came with several really old tall trees, two have ginormous leaves and I'll bet there are a zillion leaves each. Last fall we filled bag after bag, I didn’t think that job would end.   

 Fast forward...


This year countless people have shared how beautiful my yard is, some even say it looks like a park; I thank them and smile. I'm just the steward of the land ...


I love my corner of the world.


Here we are November 8, 2012 and fall has arrived; the temperatures are dropping, moving us towards winter. The trees have been dumping those ginormous leaves by the trillion. I’ve mulched leaves and I’ve bagged leaves. Oh my gosh, there are at least a million more to fall.


I have to be careful as they continue to dump, especially when the wind blows, I could fall in and no one would find me until next spring. I’m not kidding, it seems like a conspiracy.                    


 Gratitude and Abundance .... or
 complain, complain, complain?


I prefer Gratitude and Abundance.


ALL of those leaves are beautiful; they’re phenomenal in the summer for shade, the birds, squirrels and Squiggles my cat, love those trees, hiding and playing amongst all of the leaves (attached to the trees) and the leaves are great for mulching and compost. The benefits of breathing fresh air, exercise and a quiet mind ...

If the wind is blowing, perhaps it’s the ‘wind gods’ reminding me to go with the flow and enjoy the process…