Friday, March 23, 2012

Glazed Vision

There are times in life when a person travels a beaten path — known as familiarity.

A path some choose say, “I could close my eyes and still get there.”

I am wondering how many times a person “drives” their life in automatic...

There are those moments that we have to re-adjust our speed and be aware of the signs of an upcoming change.  

Without fail, some will complain, unwilling to shift.

Bring to mind a person who is asleep at the wheel ... and their wake-up comes.

Change is the only thing consistent. Why therefore are some so resistant? 



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fare Exchange

A lady was sharing with me her plight ... She gave her husband control to make her decisions. When certain situations are to her advantage, she is in agreement — with others, she feels stuck, finding herself in a turmoil of emotions. 

 she might have thought it would be easier, her husband knew more, she might be ‘wrong’ … maybe even believing her husband was smarter… with years of avoiding decision making for herself, it’s no surprise she was feeling resentful and bitter.  

By not making a decision is making a decision.

Who is responsible? ... As one experiences powerlessness, bellows “not me” forgoes developing character (exercising the brain by asking questions, learning more information, applying clarity, focus, perseverance and a whole lot more).

Blame is self-defeating. 

To move out of this situation, a decision is necessary. 

Decisions are inevitable, some pleasant and others down right uncomfortable. When we give up our right to make a decision and let someone else be responsible for us, we also give up our belief in ourselves and God.

Happy day,

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Seeing a child at a fountain of water filled with pennies, representing wishes ... sheer delight exposes a smile as they launch that penny ... casting with it a wish. The smile speaks for itself. A magical place where wishes manifest ... and knowing wishes really do come true.
As one visits the well of replenishment ... like the calmness of rippling water ... one’s mind becomes peaceful.
Nurturing one’s being ... allows the actions of the day to flow smoother...
The fountain of youth comes from within ... go without and one ages.
Here's to being forever young!