Thursday, March 3, 2011

... I don't fit - I'm different

"A metaphor of life... I don't fit - I'm different"

Many times in life we find ourselves feeling like we don't fit. It's real easy to miss the beauty (& blessings) around us much less have an appreciation for our self.

With a change of thought to "Although I believe I am different I am unique. I can share my uniqueness with many, together we compliment each other" -- changes everything.

Just sharing ...
My love for whimsical painting kicked in...
I found a discarded painting for $5 and re-painted it - Voila! "A metaphor of life... I don't fit - I'm different".

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Glenda Gibbs is passionate about leaving the world a better place, people feeling better about themselves. She loves to share her wisdom and experiences through her whimsical painting and writing and as a Personal Development and Insight Therapist.