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One candle lit in a dark room changes everything by Glenda Gibbs

One candle lit in a dark room changes everything by Glenda Gibbs

A reader shares her thoughts …

There are those who do not have hearts, are absent of God's Love. Avoid these people, you cannot win them over, they are who they are and cannot be changed. They are the dark souls by their choice.

My reply …

I'm not so sure ...

My random beliefs ...

I prefer to believe there is good in all of us and as difficult as it is at times, I aspire to their good (most of the time) ... sending healing loving energy their direction.

It's not our job to focus on winning 'them' over, it is our duty to stay on track with being in alignment with God as we (individually) believe, developing our awareness ... loving and forgiving/accepting ourselves, developing and practicing compassion and several other components.

God's love is always present.

It isn't God that's absent; it's me that disconnects from God. That's a human experience - to recognize this and to reconnect speaks of the benefits of being in alignment, allowing life to work. I know the benefits are phenomenal.

Living life with being in alignment God has an immediate effect - with our personal energy and everyone and everything. No one thing is big or small when we're in alignment, it all counts.

The darkness is contrast to light - the law of duality - one without the other is impossible. The energy of both is powerful ... while I personally can't change anyone it is my responsibility to be a good person and accept others as they are on their journey just as I am on mine.

God doesn't love me more and a dark soul less.

It's inevitable ... we're going to disconnect - the degree is variable. Author Debbie Ford has written several books about our dark side - "The Dark Side of The Light Chasers" & "Why Do Good People Do Bad Things" - having the determination to move out of the dark into the light is choice. This includes having the light energy around us ...

One candle lit in a dark room changes everything.

To you living your best life!

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