Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's there I know it is! See…

Sunshine And Smiles Are Everywhere… Where's yours?

It's there I know it is!  See…

Life is too short to be complacent and accept 'life-suck' moments as reality. Yet as I write this, I know of many who are caught in this limiting belief. I used to be.  It doesn't have to be that way! 

The matrix of who I am today is one that, well, I believe for all purposes I must have decided to re-incarnate with the intention of cleaning up an incredible amount of karma and learn to enjoy life's adventures. I've learned that most of my experiences have offered me the insight of being a better person and have more to offer to those around me. This wouldn't have happened if I believed the concepts of being complacent and 'life-suck' moments were to be my life's destiny.

There will always be 'life-suck' moments. It's how you view them. Life offers us these as opportunities to grow. We can either "face our fears" (as my 8 year old grandson tells me he needed to do in order to go in front of his class and share) or we can believe the fears and doubts and doing so, they multiply! Aren't you ready to give up being your own worst enemy?

Its time for you to get off your duff! You've got more going for you than to settle!

Might you ask, "How would I know if I'm my own worst enemy?"

Check your inner dialogue. Are your thoughts more positive or negative? Do they include being supportive and looking at the events of your life as an opportunity… of blessings and gratitude? …Telling yourself that you're doing a good job? Are you listening to and believing that you're a great person who enjoys being you…even when times are tough? Are you treating you with the same respect that you would your best friend?  Or do you often find yourself listening to beat-up, never enough, and blame? And then feel guilty??? Those thoughts that are self-defeating and negative - notice what you're thinking and then - make a new choice.

You're in charge of what you're thinking - as you change your thinking to thoughts that work for you rather than in opposition, you'll see that your life will too.

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is being your own best friend.

Imagine that … a life long friend … always and forever! Now that's something to get enthused about!

Sunshine and Smiles to you ...
~ Glenda

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday North Americans share. Thanksgiving is a day where we acknowledge our gratitude, our blessings. This morning as I was pondering all of my blessings, this one declared it to be the one to share ... and I pass it to you. May your day be blessed.

My blessing is my grandchildren.

As I experience their playfulness, laughter and ongoing energy, I find myself right in there joining them, giving myself permission to act like a kid - and it's so much fun!

They ask questions, they want to know about yesterday and tomorrow, mostly now. And within this, a gift of wisdom.

When they're naughty, setting boundaries, being consistent encased in love, is a reminder that using the same application with myself in reaching my goals works as effective.

As they go thru the wish book … they point out the things that they currently have and the things they wish for - is this not an acknowledgment of abundance in their lives?

They have wonderful smiles - which lighten the load in a heartbeat. What a way to influence the world.

"When I grow up Grama..." - is belief in "it's a sure thing". Along with their bodies growing, their mind continues to grow, expand, and explore - what an example! Brain cells continue to grow at any age with learning! (Fountain of Youth)

My grandchildren share their love with all of their grandparents, (we have several in our family, remember abundance?) and they know they are loved and welcomed - they're family!

I experience the many beliefs and traditions that have passed thru generations, now my grandchildren are the benefactors. I also experience new ideas developing in our family.

As my grandchildren share their affection and love to their parents, I am reminded of being their parents' parent and without my children's father I wouldn't be experiencing the blessings of my grandchildren today. 

May your day be filled with abundance of love and laughter!

From my heart to yours,
Happy Thanksgiving!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Doing the right thing...

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. -Theodore Roosevelt

Doing the right thing...

A young man has been dating a woman for a while. They enjoy each other's company and seem to be a good match. Until now. He has anxiety … He draws from his past experiences and fast-forwards them into the future. Without thinking he changes out the characters and inserts the new woman. And then he bombards himself with “WHAT IF…”

This kind of thinking is consuming and an energy drain.

The 'voice of fear' had him convinced he was doing the right thing… and doing nothing had him starting to freeze. Without intervention a phobia could have developed; doing nothing would have reinforced his beliefs, causing him to stick with what he believed to be true.

He couldn’t see how he was going to stay in this relationship yet he knew this relationship was incredible. He asked for help. We were able to elicit the roots of his fears. A very empowering moment occurred when he discovered he could master his thoughts by choosing to listen to the healthy thoughts and ignore or better yet – fire those that instigated fear.

(The acronym for FEAR is false evidence appearing real.)

Doing the right thing is subjective. If you’ve done your best and you find yourself with a pattern, situation after situation with the same results, it’s time to reach out for someone who is objective and not a part of the situation to assist you. With clarity, often a whole new world opens to new thoughts, new choices, and new responses.  

Wishing you much success!