Saturday, December 28, 2013

Topic: Chain-letter / Never!

Oh how I despise those letters laced with implied guilt or negative consequences if the directions aren’t followed. I have been known to say I never participate in chain-letters. Typically I hit the delete key.

A while back I received a chain-letter via Facebook from a dear friend. Something about this caught my attention; perhaps I looked past it being a chain-letter and appreciated the message from her.

Giving the message a lot of thought I decided to amend my earlier conviction; I sent out this message to several women, the directions included return it to the sender and onto a number of others. No it wasn’t one of those instructing you to send a dish towel or a dollar; this was about the reader’s strengths and attributes.

I forwarded this message to a group of women who I admire and who have indeed, made a difference in my life. Added to the ‘form letter’ and included in the salutation, I personalized it, describing my admiration. 

One person replied with a thanks and how she never participates in anything like this. My reply included “typically I don't either, I would have been just fine without the line of sending it back or passing it on ... though I made a decision, not caring if it was sent back or passed forward, I wanted to share my experience/ admiration with you”.

“Never say never” is a great message within itself.

And yes, I will continue keeping my delete key handy.


A special thanks to you for reading this!