Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everything is temporary

Everything is temporary

I’ve really enjoyed this summer, perhaps in ways like never before. Perhaps it’s being in tune with my surroundings and feeling the appreciation of abundance. My garden is prolific and that adds quality to my life. When I sit out on my patio, I’m able to listen to the birds and the squirrels … and this morning there was a slight breeze causing the leaves to 'whish' a bit. Very very relaxing.

About ten years ago I moved into my little house – we both were in need of attention. My life was stressed. I really didn’t want to move here though it seemed it was where I was supposed to be - temporarily anyway as that’s what I told myself.

The place was run down, indescribable. Figured while I was here I could make improvements to the place. Oh by the way, it’s a rental and the price is incredible by any standards – and early on, the landowner and I agreed that he wouldn’t hear from me unless there was a catastrophe. There’s only been one. I see him two or three times a year, that man has been a saint.

The first few years were a challenge as it seemed everything needed work and all at the same time. My youngest daughter and son-in-law helped me with replacing the kitchen floor and painting and miraculously the finished look sparked life in me and my interest in the house… I was so proud. During the years I have transformed other parts of the house along with allowing my whimsical artist-self really play with color on the walls and creating pieces of art. My real love appeared as the gardens and the pond were developed. Amongst the incredible beauty of flowers, bushes, trees and grass I’ve added my whimsical art outdoors, and a beautiful patio. This year has been especially interesting as I have trees and bushes, some having grown 5-15’ and that’s without fertilizer. Maybe my garden feels my appreciation of its beauty and need for my privacy.

It came to my attention all the work I’ve invested in this place has been therapeutic and how this little cottage and I have transformed together.

My temporary house has allowed me to realize everything is temporary and I’m foolish to live in the future (there are no guarantees) or in the past (can’t change it & a great way of being stuck), there is only the now. That doesn’t dismiss goals or plans however when I’m fixated on the future and how it’s going to bring me pleasure I skip enjoying living life to the fullest now.

Having an inkling to purchase my own home I’ve been house shopping. I’m not in a hurry and as much as I really want a larger home and other amenities I have grown fond of this home. Without question this home has served and prepared me for the new one that’s on the horizon.

A quick recap: I resisted and something much greater than my ego persisted. Perhaps it’s called love and acceptance.

Wishing you a day of sunshine and laughter!

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Friday, August 26, 2011


By Glenda Gibbs

There are times in life when we are faced with something that seems insurmountable.

Life just isn’t working in a way that we know is possible.

As some believe, it’s about do, do, do, the results speak for themselves - being stuck in do do.

Exhausting yourself of possibilities becomes the focus rather than believing in them.

How you experience the journey is an individual choice.

Some will continue to live in burn out, one drama upon another ... and others will continue to seek ways to generate a world of peace.

Glenda Gibbs
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Monday, August 22, 2011



As we humans interact, its part of evolution to experience friction. Let’s use the oyster as an example — the grains of sand produce a beautiful pearl.

Disagreement can occur with interaction. Bring to mind the times you believed yourself to be right, the other person’s way was wrong. You knew this was so.... their body language or facial gestures told you so... perhaps their words, or mission of speech further supported your case. Perhaps you’ve mentally rewrote the scene, several times.

When we believe we’re right, generally we leave out a critical point — asking the other — “when you say or do [….] what exactly does that mean? ”

Addressing sensitive issues can be a challenge, most of us would rather avoid …yet without risking our evolution is minimized.

Getting beyond our irritations produces many possibilities... as the exchange of information occurs … the pearls of wisdom begin to appear.

Glenda Gibbs

(c)2000 "Food For The Soul" Glenda Gibbs

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is it greater to give than to receive?

Let’s presuppose you believe that it’s greater to give than to receive.

With this practice there are at least two participants, a giver and a receiver. You might recall a time when you gave something to someone and they were very pleased with your gift. You felt like a million bucks.

Let’s look at this experience from a different angle. Someone gives you a gift and your reply is, “you shouldn’t have”, or they share a compliment and your reply is “it’s not a big deal.” Consider this: a reply like this is minimizing and discounting the giver’s experience of giving you a gift, be it materialistic or verbal.

The act of giving is two way. Without one, there wouldn’t be the other.

Generally, when a person is adamant about being the giver they have hidden agendas – such as seeking acceptance. They justify doing something for someone else yet they are unwilling to do the same for themselves.

Giving and receiving is a balance of reciprocation.

When the exchange is off balance – it’s real easy for a nasty personality to appear – it’s known as the martyr. The giver’s story is “they give, give, give” and when they need or want something – nobody is there to reciprocate and if they are, it’s not what the martyr expects.

Before you shoot me – not every person as I’ve described is a martyr, there is however a common thread - all who prefer to avoid being the recipient of gifts lack of self-worth.

That’s the good news and the not-so-good news. It takes courage and self persistence to change. Not everyone is interested in change. Change requires an awareness of what we’re doing to ourselves as well as to others and
finding healthy ways to replace the old patterns.

Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a deep breath when you’re complimented and as you respond with a ‘thank you’ you STOP the negative inner dialogue. This is a virus that feeds ‘being unworthy’.

Here are a few suggestions to make that change:

Allow people to share with you the same joy as a giver as you do with them.

Learn to laugh at your humanness and enjoy you. You’re a great person. Believe it to be true.

Treat your self with the same love and generosity that you’re giving to others.

"The giving and receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy." - Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet"

To your week being filled with gifts!

Glenda Gibbs

(c)2000 Food For the Soul
Author Glenda Gibbs

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Looking at a glass marble... In the center is an object appearing as though it is suspended in mid-air.

This might be representational of life...

If a person is the object and the surrounding glass is their world. Consider visiting the memories of being a child. Taking a cookie form the cookie jar, thinking no one would know ... maybe doing something stupid — or — telling a “white lie” ... and thinking no one would know ... continue adding experiences for lifetime...

The secret of ‘no one knowing’ multiplies… being in denial becomes a way of life.

Asking oneself “What am I pretending not to know...” opens the door to seeing past their limited perception, maybe even seeing clearly — how one really shows up.

Happy day!

(c)2000 "Food For The Soul" A Collection of Thoughts to Ponder

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Monday, August 8, 2011


Glenda Gibbs

Fluctuating moods often are indicative of one’s stress.

The exchange one shares with others is reflective of their relationship with themselves.

The power we give to circumstances controls our thoughts, behaviors and lives. As the peak of stress builds, likened to an ocean wave ... it has a breaking point.

Managing stress or being controlled by it ... is a choice


(c)2000 "Food For The Soul" A Collection of Thoughts to Ponder