Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bringing out the best!

Officiating weddings typically is more than just showing up and signing the license ... for me it's personal in that getting to know the couple and perhaps the immediate family ... last week I received a call from a Gramma asking me if I would travel to Walla Walla (100 miles RT) I said sure. It was very important to her to provide a small wedding for her granddaughter. Gramma was so nervous ... I smile as I understand the role of a Gramma.

Upon meeting the future grandson-in-law ... I learned both he and his future wife were raised in southern CA; he was sharing how he appreciated his bride's Gramma as she had taken the time to teach him how to drive amongst many other things and now because of her, they were having a wedding. Upon departing it was a Gramma thing to share with both, how blessed they are to bring out the best in the other ...