Sunday, January 18, 2009

Energy flows where attention goes ...


A member of a group that I manage said: "When we step back and view what is occurring from the bigger picture, we see very positive changes unfolding in many, many areas around the world."

My response - “I agree!!!"

Upon reading this, I’d like to hear your thoughts …

Our ego has us believing we’re separate. This creates discord.

We (people) being spirits being born into a physical/human experience quantifies separation. We are living in a vortex of contradictions trying to discern the best path, the right way of doing things ... and without being connected to others of like mind and our source, the journey is despondent to joy perpetuating further separation.

The ability to step back at times is difficult - we're human. Because we're human it’s simple to believe we’re stuck and or unable to disengage the destructive behaviors.

Separation is an illusion.

At some point, most of us will say there has to be a better way … and we seek ways of improving life.

People are inherently good.

It is the beauty of like-minded people who know and believe this truth share it... looking for the good in all, demonstrating there is a better way and exploring possibilities, connecting with others - known as synergy.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When we feel connected and even when we’re having a “life-suck” experience, we know - we believe there is a better way. We go within - we pray, meditate, we journal, we seek and listen, learn and share with others, we continue to explore our beliefs. We let go of unhealthy beliefs. We heal. Our awareness develops. We make healthier choices. We appreciate how good 'feeling good' really is and realize we're at choice with how we respond to the events in our life and the lives of others. The more of this incredible way of being we experience the less need of separation - subsequently our come from of having a better world differs of one who says my world is better than yours. We awaken to “we are the world” and “it’s in every one of us”.

May this find you being the change you seek for others…


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  1. Glenda, What a great idea to share with all. I am reading a great book I picked up " Broken Open" by Elizabeth Lesser. It is about how difficult times can hep us grow. When I first saw the book I figured that I have been through the worst with my husband's death four years ago but after reading just a few pages in the store I was hooked.Your last paragraph about having a "life sucks" experience really hits home with this book; all things we can do to help us heal and grow if we are open to them. Just a few thoughts to share, Debbie