Friday, February 3, 2012

Do they understand?

You may choose your word like a connoisseur,
And polish it up with art,
But the word that sways, and stirs, and stays,
Is the word that comes from the heart.”
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1906

When we communicate, it’s important to choose words that are understood.

Many years ago I found myself assisting a trainer; I didn’t know what he expected and I was a bit nervous. As he shared, he watched my facial expressions and he said something that was one of the best teaching tools that I continue to use today, and it goes like this …

“It isn’t your job to understand me; it’s my job to communicate to you in a way that you understand.” 

He adjusted his choice of words and I was on my way. My dignity was untouched. 

Bring to mind something special someone said to you … 

Wishing you an amazing day!

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  1. Glenda,

    I like your train of thought, however . . . "If I don't know you personally, what you think of me is none of my business" is a rule of thumb that I developed and eventually had no other choice but to adhere to while living within the cloaked environment of prison where peer preasure is a powerful and lucrative tool of corruption and deceit. A moving force with a compelling nature . . . that conforming towards the superficial needs, lifestyles and/or loyalties portrayed by those around you, whether in prison or on the streets, brings oneself outside the realm of comfortability (one's own skin).

    In other words, the quality of a place to make the student (grasshopper) feel perfectly at home or at ease, resides within the ability of the teacher (master) to humble him/herself and not back said grasshopper into a corner --of any measure-- with no other way out but forward. In prison, this is how a coward becomes tough, severly lessening their likelihood of long term survival within the free world. And it is not just fellow convicts that may back you into a corner, but the keeper him/herself may very well cross over to the wrong side of that hard line should s/he smell your fear . . . that which is readily available around every corner, within every heart. Not unlike the masked characters I am having to deal with today firsthand . . . that the hypocrisy hiding behind said mask is not so different, out here, in the free world . . . where *now, I am left with no other choice but to stand my preventive ground in the face of all that matters.

    *(see Paradoxaldighm Fifteen "Last chance for success")