Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Goon is the Messenger

The way others treat us is indicative of the way we treat ourselves. A sure way of discovering: what behavior pushes your buttons? 

A woman meets a guy online, after a few emails and text messages he invites her out. Her work and other situations prevented this date to occur. He became pushy and disrespectful. She apologized. His behavior worsened. She hung in there. She believed she had to be nice. He was “a goon”. When she had heard enough she left.

I asked her when she knew he wasn’t a good match. She said early on, she felt funny. Rather than listening to that feeling, her inner voice, she went against herself. This is disrespect. By disrespecting herself she gave this guy permission to disrespect her. 

The Goon is the Messenger. 

This situation is a teaching tool. Yes, it could have been avoided had she listened to herself, however there’s a notion some of us have to learn by having the experience.


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