Thursday, August 16, 2012

Would you like fries with that?

The conditions of our bodies are the effect of the choices we make/have made.

Our society has a "too busy" lifestyle which leads many to the fast food lines, ordering in take-out foods, boxed, canned and prepared foods at the grocery. Paramount to this busy lifestyle includes ‘sick’ days, health insurance for a quick visit to the ‘doc-in-the-box’ office, and possible diagnosis with an illness requiring medication and for some, surgery. 

‘Not enough time’ has us believing it’s necessary to take advantage of shortcuts and quick fixes.

Skilled teachers provide us proven methods (and more shortcuts) how to get more out of our time, ideally we can have more free time. Does this mean we can cram more in? Being creatures of habit we continue to live life as we perceive normal. Is it any wonder we self-medicate leading us to addictions?

Spending funds towards being ill seems to be a priority, whereas refocusing our funds to being healthy is secondary. Check out the grocery stores carts and the doctor’s offices. Some say this is a part of life, so just accept it. 

Regardless of our heritage we are the keepers of our thoughts; our thoughts formulate our decisions. Busy minds with a zillion thoughts occurring, decisions to be made; default seems easier. Blame becomes a best friend while accountability is a foreign word. 

Cause and Effect

No one can think for us. No one. Our thinking and choices can be (and are) influenced. So who is thinking our thoughts? A default lifestyle of ‘not enough time’, shortcuts and quick fixes we are swayed and making decisions on the run, in autopilot mode; therein lay the effect. We surrender our ability to ‘take the time’ to improve our minds and bodies. Our priorities are influenced by ‘getting ahead’ resulting in making choices that are in opposition to a healthy mind and healthy body. How do you suppose “owned by the company” came about? Really, how did that occur?  

Interrupting thoughts are popping in from all directions and our mind is seduced once again; Dear God, I keep praying to you for "stuff" and you aren’t giving it to me, why? I prayed to you yesterday and I didn’t get what I asked you for! Is it any wonder narcissism is at all time high? 

Just for a moment, think about this mindset.  If your mind is like a 5 o’clock traffic-jam, is your life working? Put all of the reasons and excuses to the side and ask yourself, is my life working in a way that feels good? Most of us have an insatiable need to be right – those reasons and excuses supporting our position – rather than taking the time to examine our options and move out of the madness of our over stimulated minds; we don’t listen … and this then moves to our bodies and we become ill. 

When the doc declares "you have a choice: make changes or die", he has our full attention; we always give the doc our full attention.

Change or Die? 

Would you like a refill?

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