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Highly sensitive and autistic women - Often a hidden world. Douglas Eby

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The brief read following includes a podcast covering various topics. “The Creative Mind” might help you gain new insights into ADD, ADHD, HSP (highly sensitive personality), ASD (autism spectrum), and ND (neurodivergent). Neurodivergence involves a combination of at least one or more of these aspects, representing unique brain wiring. It affects how our thoughts and behaviors manifest, with varying degrees of impact. I have found this resource highly valuable and am sharing it for the reasons I initially subscribed. This is not to suggest you have a neurodivergent mind, but perhaps someone you know might benefit.

For those diagnosed or self-diagnosed, interpersonal work is crucial. It has transformed my feelings of anger, high stress, and even self-pity, enabling me to love and accept myself fully. This work has offered me the confidence to accept that the negative beliefs I had learned were not true. Rather than denying and feeling sorry for myself while dysfunctional behaviors persisted, this work has reduced or even eliminated the pressure of not being “normal.” I now recognize my unique abilities and skills, which I wouldn’t have with a typical brain. Being aware of the challenges of a neurodivergent mind, I focus on identifying, developing, and practicing techniques to support a healthier version of myself.

I hope you find this resource as enlightening and helpful as I have. It has made a significant difference in my life, and I believe it can do the same for you or someone you care about. 💫 

The Creative Mind Newsletter by Douglas Eby

This episode is “Highly sensitive and autistic women - Often a hidden world.”

Therapist Julie Bjelland says, “the reason we call it hidden is because many of the things that we experience as autistic women are in fact things that are internal, that are not actually seen by other people.

“So I want to share some of those things. One of the things is this high intelligence and diverse interests. It’s almost like having a supercomputer brain.

“We can really process enormous amounts of information quickly and we have an interest in a broad range of topics.”
 This audio is an excerpt from Episode 190 – The Hidden World Of Autistic Women of the HSP And Neurodivergent Podcast.  

In light of this information, consider exploring resources like “The Creative Newsletter” to better understand neurodivergence and its unique strengths. Engaging with such content can be a valuable step toward personal growth and empathy for others. If you resonate with any of these aspects or know someone who might, sharing and discussing these insights could be profoundly beneficial.

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