Monday, August 22, 2011



As we humans interact, its part of evolution to experience friction. Let’s use the oyster as an example — the grains of sand produce a beautiful pearl.

Disagreement can occur with interaction. Bring to mind the times you believed yourself to be right, the other person’s way was wrong. You knew this was so.... their body language or facial gestures told you so... perhaps their words, or mission of speech further supported your case. Perhaps you’ve mentally rewrote the scene, several times.

When we believe we’re right, generally we leave out a critical point — asking the other — “when you say or do [….] what exactly does that mean? ”

Addressing sensitive issues can be a challenge, most of us would rather avoid …yet without risking our evolution is minimized.

Getting beyond our irritations produces many possibilities... as the exchange of information occurs … the pearls of wisdom begin to appear.

Glenda Gibbs

(c)2000 "Food For The Soul" Glenda Gibbs

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