Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everything is temporary

Everything is temporary

I’ve really enjoyed this summer, perhaps in ways like never before. Perhaps it’s being in tune with my surroundings and feeling the appreciation of abundance. My garden is prolific and that adds quality to my life. When I sit out on my patio, I’m able to listen to the birds and the squirrels … and this morning there was a slight breeze causing the leaves to 'whish' a bit. Very very relaxing.

About ten years ago I moved into my little house – we both were in need of attention. My life was stressed. I really didn’t want to move here though it seemed it was where I was supposed to be - temporarily anyway as that’s what I told myself.

The place was run down, indescribable. Figured while I was here I could make improvements to the place. Oh by the way, it’s a rental and the price is incredible by any standards – and early on, the landowner and I agreed that he wouldn’t hear from me unless there was a catastrophe. There’s only been one. I see him two or three times a year, that man has been a saint.

The first few years were a challenge as it seemed everything needed work and all at the same time. My youngest daughter and son-in-law helped me with replacing the kitchen floor and painting and miraculously the finished look sparked life in me and my interest in the house… I was so proud. During the years I have transformed other parts of the house along with allowing my whimsical artist-self really play with color on the walls and creating pieces of art. My real love appeared as the gardens and the pond were developed. Amongst the incredible beauty of flowers, bushes, trees and grass I’ve added my whimsical art outdoors, and a beautiful patio. This year has been especially interesting as I have trees and bushes, some having grown 5-15’ and that’s without fertilizer. Maybe my garden feels my appreciation of its beauty and need for my privacy.

It came to my attention all the work I’ve invested in this place has been therapeutic and how this little cottage and I have transformed together.

My temporary house has allowed me to realize everything is temporary and I’m foolish to live in the future (there are no guarantees) or in the past (can’t change it & a great way of being stuck), there is only the now. That doesn’t dismiss goals or plans however when I’m fixated on the future and how it’s going to bring me pleasure I skip enjoying living life to the fullest now.

Having an inkling to purchase my own home I’ve been house shopping. I’m not in a hurry and as much as I really want a larger home and other amenities I have grown fond of this home. Without question this home has served and prepared me for the new one that’s on the horizon.

A quick recap: I resisted and something much greater than my ego persisted. Perhaps it’s called love and acceptance.

Wishing you a day of sunshine and laughter!

Original 2008

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