Monday, October 31, 2011

Change is in the air

I decided to change the focus of this and share my thoughts about life: my life, your life, life in general. I invite you to comment, even suggest topics.


I love to play in my gardens, both flowers and veggies... a bit about my veggies...

I had a my veggie garden this year planted in and amongst my flowers. I loved the foliage, different colors and textures, they also reduced weeds.

Have you eaten lemon cucumbers? I had an abundance of them. My dogs love them too! Unlike the good old cukes with bitter peels, these have a thin skin, round and to be eaten like an apple.

Another abundant veggie was my pumpkins. I've been busy baking pumpkin and freezing. Yesterday I made Pumpkin soup to die for ... if you'd like the recipe let me know and I'll post it.

In the garden

Here it is in the oven baking ... drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper

The BEST pumpkin soup... yum!

Life is good, having the opportunity to plant the seed, watching it grow and enjoying the fruit of my labor. May all of the seeds we plant offer us such satisfaction.

Happy day to you!


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