Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beyond the Obvious

Occasionally someone poses me a question; following is the question and my reply.

So yesterday a baby robin was at my front door, dead. I have NO idea how he got there. I mean none. I was came outside to get the mail and there he was, laying in the corner perfectly intact. I held ceremony and buried him on the side of the house.

This morning I let the dogs out, it was dark.  When I let them back in, another adult robin was in perfect condition dead also, 3 feet from my door. Now I know he was brought there, Princess being the culprit. There aren’t any marks on him showing that he was hurt by Princess though.

Another ceremony to be had today.

Here is my question. Dead or alive, are the messages from the totems the same? As the Robin’s message is quite powerful. And I am wondering if it is still the same whether dead or alive OR if it is a reverse message if dead?

My reply:

 ... at your doorstep (business card to the world) is denial of new growth, focus on the dead or dying things (the past) in your life.

Your fears are of the same feel as when you were a child,doubting and denying your worth, no one to save you, not even God, disconnecting with God.

Today, the adult aspect of you is moving. Further work to release imprisoned aspects triggered.

The healthy aspect is new growth is occurring.

Life is a metaphor ...

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