Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stomp the A.N.T.'s

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Typically where there is one ant there are more to follow. 

A.N.T.'s (Automatic Negative Thinking)
"Stomp the A.N.T.s"

Notice the anteater and what he’s focused on. While his attention is directed at the ant on his nose he misses other things going on around him … 

Pretend you're the ant and place an opened book up close to your face and focus on it. With your focus on the pages, it's impossible to view what is occurring on the other side of the book. 

Most of us live life like this.

We have old habits we’re not even aware of and we’re doing the same as the anteater; The Summary of *A.N.T.’s provides excellent examples of negative thinking. 

Where we focus our attention draws more of the same be it negative or positive thinking. 

Putting a new habit into effect takes consistent practice, eventually the earlier habit will be replaced.

* Summary of A.N.T.'s is the work of Dr. Daniel Amen,  

How's life when you're happy? Compare this to being unhappy. Changing your thoughts, affects everything, including feelings, emotions and our health. 

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