Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Supplements: How do you know what is right for you?

Preface: I am a member of a group where another member posted a request asking for recommendations regarding supplements. There were several replies, mostly personal experiences and offering him an MLM opportunity.

My reply: 

While there are many excellent products available I wonder if many over-supplement or randomly guess with sporadic results... I agree with (another member's) suggestion "to find a health practitioner who knows muscle testing (Applied kinesiology)"; I'd also suggest for those who need more: seek a medical doctor who practice includes a holistic approach and have blood, urine and saliva testing in conjunction to hair analysis to determine exactly what the individual needs for optimum health. The test results include testing (all) foods, herbs/ spices determining reactions/ allergies, and levels of minerals. Additional basic blood testing to the aforementioned provides the individual a clear scope of what is occurring within their entire body and what it needs for optimum health. My doctor uses US BioTek , Doctor's Data, Inc. and a local lab for the basic blood testing; 

I really appreciate eliminating the guessing and that I have the control to make the changes needed. I have no vested interest financially with my recommendations. 

I use amongst others, Pure Encapsulations for my supplements.

As the reader, what are your thoughts?

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