Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinterest junkie?

I don’t know about you, but January is my least favorite month of year for weather. Eastern Washington is known for over 300 days of sunshine however most of January is gloomy and cold. I struggle to stay motivated. 

December 21 is the official day when winter begins and each day thereafter is one minute longer, thank goodness! Even if the weather is gloomy I appreciate the daylight. 

Because of the weather, I have been spending lots of time enjoying photos of flowers blooming - vibrant colors, full of life, a reminder spring is getting closer. How exciting! My mind is imagining beauty as I look at my grungy looking flower beds; eager to be outdoors and playing in the dirt. 

Those of you who know me well, know of my creativity; it flourishes in my entire life. I feel so blessed. 

As with everything, moderation is important. This really came to my attention recently as like many of you, Pinterest is bookmarked as a favorite. We’ve become best friends. Pinterest is a place to lose yourself and not even realize it, oh by the way, this site is not exclusive to women. This website is over-the-top; a search will deliver countless ideas (pins) for almost (if not all) interests; my insatiable thirst to ‘collect’ – could be said “I hoard” – cringing, do I dare admit? My immediate follow-up thought, it’s true I collect AND put many ideas to use.

Back to the January being my least favorite month of the year, avoiding the cold and unable to garden, planning for the following season makes sense. A good thing to do, unless this planning includes hours of time bringing forth the thought, “Where did the time go?” 

Yet, I love getting lost in all of the possibilities… it’s so mesmerizing.  

In my world of teaching and preaching .... I believe anytime a behavior consumes and interferes with a typical productive routine needs immediate attention; without change the behavior has the potential of becoming an addiction.
The realization that my time was forever gone, my work/ home related projects neglected and justifying my time on Pinterest (pining, re-pinning and adding - words of a true Pinterest junkie)… was a red flag.

My plan of action: I consciously make better choices. I decided when ‘fun’ time is for me (obviously after my work/ home commitments are complete). 

Here is a list of progressive choices all requiring self-discipline:
  • Delay opening Pinterest or related email until 'fun' time
  • Work related - set a timer
  • Move Pinterest or related email out of sight to a folder
  • Pinterest ‘fun’ time 
If all of the above actions aren't effective I will
  • Delete my Pinterest board

I feel really good about my realization and getting myself back on track. Surly there are others who have ‘lost’ and 'found' themselves too …. How have you addressed this?

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