Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Magic of “The Secret of Having It All is Loving It All”

“The secret to having it all is loving it all.” - Dr. Joyce Brothers

The magic of “the secret of having it all is loving it all” is forgiveness. 

Forgiveness can be a momentous experience. Not everyone wants to forgive. 

Some believe forgiveness would mean giving permission for the same thing to reoccur. That kind of pain keeps them emotional hostage to their beliefs.  This is prison.

I knew a person who was very bitter. She was this way probably 50 years. She wouldn’t consider forgiving.  She believed that they didn’t deserve it. She held on to those feelings of being wronged to her deathbed.

Her feelings of being wronged were much stronger than ‘loving it all’.  She said it wasn’t in her to forgive. She lived her life with a background of hate, anger and resentment. The quality of her life was severely compromised.

When wronged feelings are held, there are coinciding emotions that have an impact in our daily living, our relationships and mostly our health.

Forgiving is an accumulation of wisdom such as:

  • Forgiveness isn’t for the offender, its for your peace of mind
  • Forgiving doesn’t mean for you to forget
  • Forgiving doesn’t mean that you “free” that person to repeat
  • It means releasing you from the prison of wronged feelings
  • It means the freedom to love
  • It means more energy
  • It means laughing and experiencing life in a new light
If you have the closets of your mind filled with wronged feelings, perhaps you’re ready to make a new choice, experience more energy and have a life – like you’ve wished for and never imagined possible.

Forgiveness is the secret to having it all and loving it all. 



  1. Thanks for sharing. You are absolutely right on. I have just finished reading the book, "Radical Forgiveness". It has changed me.

  2. :) I will look into "Radical Forgiveness" Thanks for sharing.