Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Did you know by smiling to the count of 60 - your energy can improve?

Did you know by smiling to the count of 60 - your energy can improve?

I suppose this notion of mine is purely subjective - perhaps you'll read this and try it for yourself.
Many years ago I learned by having visuals, (i.e., pictures) to trigger my inner happy button, I could raise my energy (also known as change my mood) - it's been a very effective tool.

With time and more tools learned, this application of smiling to the count of 60 became a routine part of my day. I really like how it works.

The two different applications of a smile:
I'm counting ... simultaneously with a smile on my face - my focus is to stay engaged to the count and smile - I accomplish it. While I did it what I set out to do, the outcome is mechanical.

The other option: when I smile, count and allow my mind to experience something that brings me joy (like my grandchildren) - not only am I connected to my self I've tuned into God/Source, subsequently my energy has increased.

Today I had a client do this process. Upon completion she shared how much work it was to smile and count to 60; I shared with my interpretation of Tony Robbin's (motivational guru) spin ... while we're taught to focus on the destinations in life, there's more. He says the destination is very important however it's half of the equation - the journey is the other half - enjoy what you're doing while you're moving towards your goal.

Her realization - her focus was on the destination and she realized that doesn't smile much. Her assignment: smile, count to 60 and experience (within her mind) happiness ten times a day. She was especially enthusiastic when learning this process increases the serotonin and is a powerful antidepressant.

Now that's a big deal!!
Happy day to you!

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