Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Believe In Miracles

Monday January 3, I was making plans for the day when my oldest daughter text me letting me know she had a horrific throbbing headache and was vomiting.

Seven and a half months pregnant Dellyne was waiting for a return call from her doctor and then off to work she’d go. She had clients counting on her and they (her family) needed the money. Her husband Ronny insisted she be seen by the doctor. Shortly after being seen at the doctor’s office, they were sent immediately to the hospital for tests learning an emergency c-section was going to occur within twenty minutes. My grandson Jaspyr was born six weeks early, arriving at 11:11 am, weighing 2 pounds 11oz and 14” long.

Jaspyr is in the neo-natal unit and being kept in a “hood”; yesterday having a bit of warm oxygen to ease his breathing and IV’s for nutrition. His lungs had a bit of water; he exasperated a bit of phlegm. In addition, elevating his blood sugar too, was a part of stabilizing him. He is so little… and not an ounce of fat. We have been advised he’s healthy - the results of all the tests say so. He’s such a beautiful baby.

Intermittently throughout the day I cried … I ‘felt’ there something off … and last night we learned if my daughter had gone to work and skipped seeing the doctor, Jaspyr would have died in her womb - the same day.

After the c-section Ronny was able to take him to neo-natal,for a brief moment Dellyne was able to view her baby boy, though she wasn’t able to hold or touch him. Throughout the entire day and evening Dellyne vomited – a result of all the medications. The nurses shared once she was able to have two hours without vomiting she could see her son, otherwise she would have to wait. The time came. We went to the unit, washed our hands preparing to move in the direction of Jaspyr and Dellyne started vomiting (thank goodness for those tube shaped vomit bags). .. I was just sick, knowing how important this was to her, believing she wasn’t going to see the baby. A miracle – because there weren’t any other babies in the unit, Dellyne was able to see and touch her little guy. It was an incredible experience.

Today the tears have lessened a bit however it doesn’t take much and I’m sobbing.

Ronny, Dellyne and my oldest grandson Bryce were allowed to briefly hold Jaspyr.

Dellyne began pumping today, preparing herself to give this little guy an extra boost; her colostrum along with a 24 caloric formula was fed to Jaspyr through a feeding tube. His system wasn’t ready to accept it. The nurse pumped it all out as it had collected in his belly causing it to swell an inch. The doctor says this is normal for preemies. Baby needed to sleep, which meant no visitors.

Extreme caution is in place to protect Jaspyr … his ability to withstand stimulation is low – this includes viewing him, touching and holding him; all are closely monitored even more as too much stimulation stresses his organs forcing them to work harder … which burns calories and affects his getting healthy.

We also learned the source of Dellyne’s headache, vomiting and why baby only weighed 2 pounds 11oz rather than 4-5 pounds as the doctor stated prior to birth. Dellyne had abnormalities in her placenta, the organ that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the baby in the womb. The placenta was not functioning properly as it was starting to detach from the uterus; the baby’s ability to grow and develop were restricted. The placenta quit working about two weeks ago which means baby quit growing. This is called Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR). Dellyne was due for another ultra sound two days after Jaspyr’s birth – it’s been suggested IUGR would have been detected.

Once I learned about IUGR I have been researching and reading, hoping to understand more about this. Oh my gosh, I am feeling overwhelmed. I have so many questions …

His APGAR scored high which is excellent, thank God. This score gives me hope.

Right now I am so grateful I believe in God and miracles and possibilities … this little guy isn’t out of the woods and won’t be for a long while, could be a year or two, maybe longer.

I am saddened as my daughter is addicted to smoking which added to Jaspyr’s low birth weight. There is nothing to be done about the past and everything about now and forward. Whether her addiction continues to own her, time will tell. Blaming and judgment will not change what’s happened. She knows how I feel.

I choose to use my energy, my thoughts and feelings for healing and solutions.

I’ve been talking to God yesterday and today. Almost nonstop … and I know God is listening, listening to me and to everyone who is praying for Jaspyr and for his mother.

Thank you for sharing your love and your prayers.

I believe in miracles.


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Glenda Gibbs
Personal Development & Insight Therapy


  1. Thank you everyone for your outpouring of love and prayers.

    This evening things changed rapidly. Jaspyr was transferred to Kadlec's neonatal unit. Dellyne was released from the hospital.

    Absolutely phenomenal team went right to work issues. Earlier his blood sugar had dropped to 38, when I left Kadlec it was up to 46, he has jaundice that's now being treated and he's being fed (via IV) something similar to a super charged health drink. Dr. Hadeed ordered x-rays and while knowing baby has digestive issues, we learned he has a large stomach with very small opening and very little air flow in his lower abdomen. Dr. has several approaches with the last being surgery.

    Jaspyr's not out of the woods, yet I believe we can see/feel the light and love. Blessed be. Hugs to you.

  2. Yes, Jaspyr is a fighter and he is improving daily. In fact, it’s truly amazing – it’s a “God” thing.

    Shortly after Jaspyr’s transfer to Kadlec Hospital we met with the NICU doctors and supporting staff, they believed they could help Jaspyr. We have been included in his treatment plan. Every question has been answered thoroughly, each situation explained.

    Your prayers and the ongoing and loving blessings being directed to Jaspyr’s healing are appear daily. We get excited with each new development … the lights for the jaundice are reduced to one small light, his blood sugar has stabilized. He’s moved from the ‘supercharged drink’ to his mother’s milk. And … for me to watch him track (with his eyes) his mother’s voice … a blessing.

    Thank you for being a part of Jaspyr’s healing team.