Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have you met Woodstock Willy?

Routine is good. It can also be a slow death.

A friend who was driving down the street noticed a human caricature of a ground hog waving at folks, hoping for the passerby’s to attend a “Ground Hog Matinee” … seizing the moment, she parked her car and had a photograph taken of herself with Woodstock Willy, AND she posted it on facebook.

Bringing about smiles and comments, this woman interrupted her life and everyone else privy to her spontaneity. I’m continuing to smile …

Routine is good and so is having fun and bringing a smile to others …

Happy day to you!

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  1. Jaspyr's one month visit with his doctor, (Tuesday February 8) has him weighing 4 llbs 13 1/4oz ounces and is 18.5" length ... he is thriving!! All of the chromosome tests have returned, no deficiencies. Thank God.

    Much love to you ...