Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lead by Example

A healthy leader inspires and teaches people to develop a healthier state of mind, i.e., for them to think for themselves and to make their own decisions. He listens.

Another type of leading: there are some who are memorized by a leader who teaches co-dependency; typically the followers don’t think for themselves. They don’t have too. The leader is quite convincing.  He promotes dogmatic procedures, separation and fear. You will hear he and his followers complain and blame, angry for being short-changed, holding grudges and saying life isn’t fair. This style of leadership implodes, affecting everyone.

A healthy leader can be passionate delivering his message and yes, he can be very convincing; however he demonstrates accountability, responsibility, choice, integrity, compassion, and empowering others to be their best selves; healthy leaders teach virtues and values by example. A healthy leader isn’t afraid to admit their shortcomings and recover from a failure and proceeds forward, having faith in their self and in God.  

A healthy leader is also a healthy follower. A healthy follower supports the direction of the leader and he has the ability to execute the duties required. He continues to demonstrate the same virtues and values of a healthy leader.

Within each of us is a leader, be it to our children, friends, community or nation. Within each of us is a choice. 

How do you choose to experience your world?

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