Thursday, June 21, 2012



Ever notice when you think about every thought...

Maybe there are windstorms because the air becomes so stagnant from having to think things to death ...

Until Universe says enough! ... Along comes a windstorm stirring up the energy.

In with the new ... out with the old.

Ever notice the windstorms in your life that stir up change ... 

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  1. I let a sore on my foot get larger and larger, and now it is quite painful. I have used meditation release of anger and other tecniques I know about yet it still hangs on., it festers up with pus and I put iot up rub neosporine on it and sleep and it the morining it seems better. Then by the afternoon it is back hurting even more. I keep releasing and I can not understand it. My friend is a healer aand he says it is healing. It is taking its own time to heal. Is it because I am 70 and my body is changing.?

  2. Thank you for your post.

    I believe our body, mind and spirit are all connected. I also believe our bodies are a messenger to us. (I don't believe this medical condition is a result of your age.)

    The sore on your foot is a way your body is getting your attention. With this said, I wonder if you have fears about your future, what's ahead of you? Perhaps feeling stuck or unwilling to let go of?

    My hunch is you've been hurt, feeling betrayed and you're very angry.

    Keep in touch,