Friday, January 2, 2015

Lemonade? It requires more than lemon & sugar

Recently I had a client who came into my office; she sat down and presented a zip-lock bag including sugar and a lemon. She shared she wanted to make lemonade and she needed my help.

This sort of presentation was a first for me. 

Using her props, here’s thoughts to ponder:

So many times we get stuck with our focus on the sour experiences of life; what’s one to do? 

My client knew sugar would sweeten her response to the situation however something else was needed. 

Makes me think of the times when a situation would come about where I would eat, drink, shop, (the sugar) to alter my feelings. Sure as heck, when the vapors of the high diminished, my situation continued to haunt me; in addition pending what choice I had used to avoid, there might be additional consequences to address. 

As my client presented her situation and listening to her self speaking, this method of seeking solutions can be helpful; seeking a professional perspective is also helpful. Journaling is a great tool as is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/ aka Tapping).

What methods do you use to make lemonade? 

May you find sweetness in your day!

Ponderings... Food for the Soul (c) 2015

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