Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starve to death? I thought I would

I always thought I was going to “starve to death”.  Anytime I’d run short on money (regularly) this fear would be at the forefront. One day I was especially stressed and sharing this overwhelming fear with my friend. She asked me if I had ever starved to death. This question jolted my racing mind; well, almost. I shared how as kids growing up we were generally hungry, there was no snacking as the food we had was already designated for another meal and there were times there wasn’t enough to go around. Through this exercise I realized I hadn’t starved to death. Oh wow! What a realization.

I love to cook and I’m quite creative. My daughter has said, “Mom your frig looks empty yet you can put together a really good meal. Amazing.”  My cooking is from scratch (no boxes and few cans).  A few years ago friends of mine introduced me to Sunday night dinner where several people joined, bringing a dish. It was a wonderful experience. They moved to Ecuador and I continued the Sunday dinner gathering. 

Recently I was sharing with a friend I had been invited to a Christmas potluck and the foods I planned to take, he said you always provide more food than others.  I didn’t have a reply why, though what he said is true. This morning it came to me. I don’t want ever a time where we need to stretch the amount of food – the possibility of someone leaving hungry isn't necessary. Having plenty of food allows everyone to enjoy their entire experience – good food, conversation and they leave full. If there are leftovers there’s always someone who is thrilled to be the recipient. 

Interesting how (what seemed like) deprivation and how it has developed into abundance. I am so blessed to have this gift of cooking and honored there are so many who enjoy it. We all benefit.



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