Monday, November 5, 2012

United We Stand …

For weeks, Facebook has been a plethora of campaign ads increasing as the election draws closer. Hurricane Sandy's arrival began to penetrate the political posts; the Facebook family began to pay attention to the needs of those whose lives were in the path of this ginormous catastrophe. Photographs, videos and posts consistently updated, commanded our attention: a plea for help.
Our technology is like a double edged sword - the ability to have instant information is phenomenal yet seeing the demolition as it occurred; I could only imagine the pain those who have been traumatized by Hurricane Sandy. 
Hurricane Sandy has taken lives and left horrendous destruction, yet we the American people have an insurmountable strength to overcome diversity. 
Mother Nature can be fickle as we humans take things for granted. This destructive powerhouse has brought forth unity, a 'what can I do' response; many artists have banned together putting on concerts as a means to generate donations; the different hosts requesting  contributions to "Donate $10.00" or "whatever you can afford" -  and "there are plenty other things you can donate in addition to money, your time, blood ... contact Red Cross..." The responses from these requests for help have jammed the internet servers, cell phone texting has slowed and landlines seem endlessly busy. The buzz of people helping those affected has gone viral. 

We the American people have been known to argue and terminate communication when someone attempts to negate our candidate/ beliefs yet in the midst of Hurricane Sandy, we  the American people shelved our differences to unite and help those in need. 

Thank goodness for technology, the Internet and Facebook. 

A question I ask myself, “What if this happened to me?” There isn’t a doubt; I know I would be grateful for any contribution.

May this find you making a difference.

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