Monday, November 12, 2012

Reminder: It’s so easy to smile, laugh and have fun

I once had a mentor who specializes in brain development; she said our brain knows exactly what our brain needs and we will gravitate towards it whether we realize it or not....  

A few days ago I was making a quick stop by my oldest daughter’s home to deliver a toy to Jaspyr. While he was having fun playing with his new toy a neighbor stopped by to visit; when she was ready to leave Jaspyr wanted to go too. She wasn’t able to take him and he was adamant he wanted to go bye-bye; I offered. He was so excited. We went to his Cousin Berkeley’s home and played for a couple of hours; it was a great afternoon.

Prior to stopping by and dropping off the toy I had several things lined up to accomplish; when Jaspyr was insisting he was going somewhere I decided my plans could be postponed. 

My life has been so busy I forgot how important it is to take a break and surround myself with my grandchildren who smile, laugh and have fun.  

Happy day to you!

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