Monday, February 16, 2009

He who buries his head in the sand is apt to get his butt kicked

I recently had a conversation with someone who is experiencing turmoil in his life. Having a curious nature about me I asked what kept him in his uncomfortable situation. His response, “It’s comfortable and at least I know what’s going on, if I change I won’t know won’t what to expect.”

We have this fallacy with “being comfortable”. Is it possible that being comfortable also equates conditioning? Perhaps being comfortable alters our perception of life.

When …
• Life isn’t working the way we want it, we say, “life sucks!”
• Our health is compromised – we blame it on _____ (kids, work, animals, etc.)
• Relationships aren’t what we expected – it’s the other person’s fault
• Our job isn’t great anymore? – just too much stress …
• Opportunities are passed to the other person – we’re mad

Being comfortable with a menu of knowing what to expect robs us of living our best life.

One thing is certain, when we hangout with this thinking, we find our friends with similar viewpoints – that’s a comforting thought, huh.

Scary as situations can be, by taking baby steps we can outgrow our myopic beliefs.

It’s a choice.

To you living your best life!

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