Sunday, February 22, 2009


At the local duck pond … it’s interesting to watch some of the ducks waddle on over to the edge of the water … getting their feet wet and waiting for someone to throw feed. A flying slice of bread lands, instantly a herd gathers – their jostling all but consumes the person who threw the bread…

Over yonder, there are other ducks turning somersaults and diving for food. It seems they’re familiar with their surroundings and somewhat detached – they’re not waiting or dependent on someone to feed them.

Those ducks looking for a free handout will starve without someone feeding them … some how they didn’t get the feel good feeling of taking care of themselves.

I wonder how this might be a metaphor for those of us who believe we need to ‘fix’ someone’s life? I wonder how we cripple them into smallness rather than supporting them in their greatness.

To you living your best life!

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