Sunday, February 8, 2009

If you could have just one wish … what would it be?

If you could have just one wish … what would it be?

A woman replied, “I want to be self confident.”

She continues sharing, “I’m good at conversation, making people feel comfortable and accepted. Excellent mom and I have a quick dry sense of humor and a wonderful energy within me that sometimes shines. I’m not sure where my talent lies; I’m very drawn to the artistic side of things since a small child (left-handed Gemini raised in a house full of right-handed, sensible thinkers who were very not into anything dramatic or artistic really), I’m not excellent at any one thing and not sure that there is a natural born talent there, although I wish there was.”

My response:

So what if you continued to improve/excel with the things that you enjoy and that you're already 'drawn' to - such as the artistic side of things, good conversation, making people feel comfortable/accepted...

We’re on the same page – business isn't my strength either and thank god for online banking and others who have good business savvy and skills.

I too, am very strong with the artistic side, have the ability to make people feel comfortable and relaxed ... after trying for years of being what I thought everybody else wanted – to fit in – I realized when it came to the end of the day - I was exhausted trying to be everything to everyone

The people came and went but what about me?

It took me many years to realize my self care was paramount.

Being different is a good thing!

Once I grasped being different is a good thing I got to work developing the areas that I was already good at. The more I trusted this process, the more I found where I fit in life. More doors of opportunity opened – Abundance!

Interestingly enough … being playful and allowing that 'wonderful energy' to shine felt so good, I can’t imagine life without it.

Wishing you a great day!


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