Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm here for you ...

A member wrote wanting to connect ... I responded. My response is for the woman to reconnect with herself and her God/Source first. Read along ... and by all means leave your comments. - Happy day!

It's been a long time since I've written anyone on Eons. I've relocated and been so busy and yes, disoriented, that I've not been keeping in touch with anyone. Since moving, I've been so off spiritually and need to reconnect. -Anonymous

Sounds like a time to sit down, grab something to drink and write yourself a letter - you know like you would to an old friend that you've been out of touch with ... let her know how busy and disoriented you've been and how you've missed her and you're here now for her ... maybe even include ways that you intend to spend time with her ... maybe even a funny story or two. When you're complete - don't forget to say I love you prior to signing it... and put it in an envelope and place it where you can read it often - maybe at your bedside.

Welcome back and do stay in touch.

Happy day to you!


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