Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The power of an idea ...

The power of an idea whose time has come is really the power of Spirit at work. - Wayne Dyer

This thought brings to mind the times when I have heard someone say that "I" came up with the idea, giving the impression they are the mastermind behind the idea, their ego is really bruised when someone else has an similar idea or one that's better ... and there are those who we all know who have a great idea and downplay it, minimize it and or neglect using it. Both perspectives aren't about acknowledging God/Spirit/Source.

When I speak or facilitate or anything bringing the attention/compliments to me ... used to be I'd downplay it (thinking I'd be boasting), later realizing how sharing my gifts are an inherent expression of God/Spirit/Source. I really feel good getting to share, experiencing others benefiting from my sharing is so gratifying.

I am the tool through which ideas flow forth and this happens when "I" get out of the way and allow.


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