Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Where ever you go, there you are"

An anonymous member writes the following post, beyond it I've responded.

Maybe God IS the Universe
As a "born-again" Christian at the age of 9......I made many major mistakes throughout my life. Living too long with an abusive husband, NOT attempting to own the things which were rightfully mine, and often not standing up for my rights because I wanted to be a "peacemaker". Which would have been more fulfilling and productive: Following Christianity (as it is mistakenly taught) OR accepting God's gifts? Gifts, including [Law of Attraction] LOA, laughter, love and adventure. Positive things in your life are gifts from God, whatever YOU see God to be. A spirit,a being,far beyond our most intent imagination. I feel some sadness for those who would belittle what God most likely is, by insinuating that God's gifts can be distorted by some other negative and hopefully nonexistent entity. Using our intelligence and positive thinking is acceptance of the gifts we were given at birth. Most likely they could help us to make the world a better place. Isn't it somewhat rude to be ungrateful for them?

My response:

I'm thinking there are many times in my life where "my not enough stuff" dominated ... when complimented I couldn't accept - because in my mind I wasn't living up to the ascribed teachings of Judeo-Christianity. I wasn’t worthy.

The concept that my creativity was a gift from God was one thing however I thought God was somewhere out there - especially 'up there' sitting on a throne in a white cloaked garment sporting a long white beard. Let’s not forget the staff. :)

Never a clue the gifts (i.e., my creativity, daily behaviors of helping someone or looking nice, or smiling) were an expression of God being manifested.

So what does all of this have to do with the original post? I believe there are those who are where I was and they are potential students for those of us who have evolved.

Evolving doesn't make me better; it makes me more responsible - responding with ability. I choose to be responsible and share me - how ever that looks.

For many of us, our myopic teachings are inclusive of us/them, better/worse, judgment/acceptance and as we evolve these teachings lose their grip individually and collectively. Example, Obama wouldn't have been a president ten years ago - we as a society had more evolving to do.

Life is filled with contrast and with this contrast we're able to discern what works in our lives and what doesn't and this occurs as we mature emotionally and spiritually.

“We are all where we are until we aren't.”
“Where there is a student there is a teacher.”
“We're all teachers and students.”
“Be the change we wish to see in others. “

An invitation ... for us to look at those aspects of others that we don't particularly care for and ask ourselves how "their" behavior is a reflection ...

In you, I see me

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