Monday, March 9, 2009

Random musings about "faith" and Law of Attraction

Have faith. Trust in a Universe that's endless and endlessly creating. Trust that the Creative Source of All knows exactly what It is doing. -Wayne Dyer

Contemplating this .... faith

A friend shared Law of Attraction (LOA) doesn't "work" for him. He says he doesn't have the faith in it and (adding his thinking is more traditional, allopathic and scientific)...

My thoughts continued on to how my faith is paramount be it in God, love, life, LOA and the freedom of choice...

A whimsical thought appeared recalling my 13 year old grandson listening to "You gotta have faith" by George Michael...

This has probably been shared a thousand times - here's one more - how many things do we take for granted? ... the coffee pot delivering fresh hot coffee, the water faucet delivering water when turned on, the flip of a switch turns the dark to light... the newspaper being delivered ... we take these things and a wealth of others for granted. Without thought they happen.

... and yet, like my friend when something that's out of my comfort zone grabs my attention -- doubt or belief?

"You gotta have faith"


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