Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lost keys? You’ll find them. Lost weight? You'll find it!

RE: Lost keys? You’ll find them. Lost weight? Subconscious hears “lost”. Let go or release the weight I posted this concept on my Facebook page ...

A friend shares while she understands this concept, she doesn’t ‘get’ it. I appreciate her sharing. Because my sharing wasn’t clear it’s possible others didn’t ‘get’ it either. Thank you friend!

Do you recall losing things as a child and your mother (or father) getting after you, telling you to find it and don’t stop / keep at it until you do find it?

Other examples: you lost your glasses or your mitt or hoody or a book and what do you do?

The concept of losing / finding has been embedded into our minds; the response to the lost item triggers us to ‘find’ it.

Regarding the weight, I suggested she change ‘lose’/’lost’ to reduce, release or let go of the weight (maybe even change out the word weight to inches) – the subtleness can be profound.

Happy day to you!

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