Sunday, July 31, 2011

What drives you -- criticism or complements?

What drives you -- criticism or complements?
Glenda Gibbs

We listen to our thoughts all of the time …

How about you? Notice your thoughts… if you were to pay real close attention to your thoughts, would they be supportive and in alignment with your idea of happiness and in pursuit of your goals? Or are they more criticizing and full of judgment? What are you listening to? … What drives you -- criticism or complements?

Last evening I had the opportunity of teaching a class where I suggested each person to scan their thoughts… noticing what they generally listen to and then I asked them to share their results. Most reported that they listen to the negative.

… there wasn't a one who would be OK with someone else talking to them the way they talk to themselves.

The thoughts we listen to are the thoughts that create our reality…

Take charge and change them! You decide the thoughts you're thinking rather than succumbing to default … you're worth it!

Happy day!

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