Friday, November 4, 2011

Lazy? Who me?

Lazy? Who me?

Not even. Or so I believed. When this suggested to me I was as certain with my belief as I am my name. And wouldn’t you know with more information to follow I was reevaluating – a change of thought was about to unfold. 

Before I share more about this, I ask you, are you lazy? 

Is your life in balance, including Spiritual, Life Purpose, Work, Finances, Fun & Joy, Health, Love Life and Family? Rating each 0-10 with 10 being the best, where are you? 

I absolutely love my work; in fact I don’t consider it ‘work’. It’s quite common for me to engross myself 10-14 hours a day, with the least being 4. While all of my dedication of being an entrepreneur having its strong points, my ratings spoke for themselves.  Several came in at a 5-7 and one at a 0. Oh gosh. 

Enter LAZY.

Really taking a look at the ways I could bring my life into balance I suddenly realized how difficult it would be to change my routine. I didn’t want to give up my work routine. Now it made sense, it was much easier to work. I was lazy. 

Time to turn this around. Change isn't very easy for me. I knew this would require getting out of my comfort zone and risking. This seemed short of impossible.

I found a method – scheduling my time for all aspects of my life and following through. It’s been a slow process though I’m making progress.   

Get this: I’m enjoying my life even more. Fancy that!

Happy day,

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