Friday, November 18, 2011

The Circle of Insight …

The Circle of Insight …

While I was transporting my grandson to school the other day, he was telling me a story and referred to something as ‘crap.’ I listened to Bryce tell his story and when he was complete I asked him what ‘crap’ meant. He believed it be something negative. He said, “You know Gramma!”

I asked him what all he knew about crap – he looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. (It’s a good thing I was driving slow and there wasn’t hardly any traffic … my attention was somewhat distracted.) He responded – “It’s not anything good.”

 “Crap can be rather icky, stinky and really yucky looking … would you agree?” He said, “Yep.” I said, “And it would be negative?” Another yep.

“Did you know that crap is fertilizer and it nourishes and helps fruits and vegetables grow? Without it, the fruits and vegetables would barely grow. And fertilizer is used for lots of other things. The idea behind fertilizer is to make things grow better, bigger and more. Does this sound negative to you?” By now I had his interest and he said, “No Gramma.”

Another day a while ago … I remember being on a stretch of road that I have driven many times. I have to refrain from breathing through my nose as several miles reek from cattle stockyards. A guy I was dating was working in this area and was looking into purchasing a home in the same vicinity. I asked him how he was going to live with that smell. He said … “I don’t smell anything bad.” I said, “Really?” And he responded, “No I don’t smell crap, I smell money.”

I really like how opportunities appear when we least expect them … presenting a learning experience, if we choose.

What goes around comes around.

Happy day to you,

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