Monday, November 14, 2011

The Miles of Yesterday -- are you in the right lane?

The Miles of Yesterday -- are you in the right lane?

Those grooves in the road come from many a mile well traveled by a fleet of vehicles -- Volkswagens to long-haul trucks with extra trailers attached. Of course the more those well-traveled roads are traveled, the deeper the groove.

There have been roads where the grooves were so deep, it was a real challenge to move to the other lane.

We're taught to memorize things as itty-bitty babes and memorization continues throughout our life. Memorization is an incredible tool. Can you imagine not having this tool? Not me.

I remember driving on a stretch of road where the grooves were really deep. When I attempted to move out of this lane – onto the other lane – it was all but impossible. With my persistence and diligence, (and feeling half unnerved) it occurred.

Being aware that most of the time I had chose hard rather than easy as a way of life, I pondered what could I do to ease my transition from one lane to another ... later, I learned new tires. Now that sounds like a no-brainer, huh?

Grooves (or ruts) in our minds become default.

When we realize a situation feels like we're in a rut ... we have a tendency to refer to that book of memorized responses for our answer. Do you find yourself doing the same thing again and again and wondering why nothing changes?

Ask yourself …
  • Am I using the tools that will move me from where I am to my goal?
  • Is it time for an update?
  • What approach would make this transition a bit smoother?

A new set of tires … a no-brainer, huh!  Being blonde gives me permission …

Smiles to you …

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  1. Smiles back to you Glenda. I like easy too but often get stuck doing things the hard way because I haven't thought it through to find a better way OR I forget to ask my Guides. Hmmmm...good reminder.