Friday, January 27, 2012

It’s not okay to air your dirty laundry

I was reading posts on Facebook and one of my 'friends' posted she and and her son have mental health issues. Several offered positive comments. One person spoke of judgment (the effects) and how all of us are alike. My reply to the lady who originally posted: 

“I applaud you for being vulnerable and disclosing the 'realness' in your life. In addition to your courage, it takes confidence that you will be ok even if everyone decided to shun you. I rejoice in our differences, if we were all the same we wouldn't come to love and appreciate our differences; subsequently evolve into a state of acceptance and compassion. Hugs and smiles your direction.

The degree of ‘realness’ determines freedom. 

I grew up believing ‘it’s not okay to air your dirty laundry’. My mother said to me, “When you get old enough I’ll tell you. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you and it won’t hurt me.” Inserting humor here – I never “got old enough” as my mother passed with the ‘dirty laundry’. 

The degree of ‘realness’ determines freedom.

As we become comfortable with whom we really are, (including though not exclusive), warts, cellulite, addictions, quirks – and mental health issues – we accept these are a part of being a ‘normal’ human. This is freeing! 

With a blind eye to those things we hide there is a price, its freedom.

Happy day!

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