Sunday, January 1, 2012

I would have never tasted Universe’s bag of potato chips...

I had the opportunity of speaking to 400 women who are administrative professionals.  That much estrogen in one room was incredible! Oh my, we laughed, we stretched beyond our wildest imagination … can you imagine doing a dance – bringing closure to the talk? We did!

It was so much fun!

It is said… what you put out returns to you ten-fold… it’s really appeared with my speaking.
While I have the ability of being insightful, accumulating information and delivering it and being passionate about women’s issues and possible solutions ... the challenge of me putting myself in a hands-on growth opportunity manifested. 

I’ve gone to some of the greatest of teachers to learn the basics of presentation and the many styles … and while I’ve practiced them, something was missing.  It dawned on me what was missing: my experiences that make up a part of me.

The magic of self-discovery … when I started to disclose more about me – the personal issues of my life that I’ve worked diligently to overcome, bit by bit, and weaving in possible solutions -- we connected! That’s what life is all about – connecting! This in itself is empowering and motivating!

There were other speakers who excelled in their presentations. I viewed their perfected styles. I was so excited to be a part of this team of professionals. Later one of the speakers shared, “you shoot from the hip and you’re spontaneous, which makes them comfortable.”  Yes!! And it was fun! These women got my authenticity. 

While its important to try the master’s teachings, the beauty of choice became apparent, wanting to be proficient at what I do, it required me to ‘listen to the sounds of my own drum’ … how many times do we do things because ‘that’s the way it’s done’? Which launches more thoughts, what if I try and my approach flops -- oh my gosh! Will I live thru it? And what will others think? Putting myself at risk in front of 400 women… bends my thoughts to how many times in life that I’ve been in horrible situations (some life threatening) weathered them and didn’t think twice. I did what I needed to do to survive; yet at the time, it was too scary, too much of a risk to interrupt those situations. With the magic of introspection, I use those times as my platform today as means of taking risks and being vulnerable, being the full package known as Glenda.

The feedback from countless women supported their need for someone to speak about their situations. They offered gratitude; they had some solutions to try. They seemed as jazzed as me. Oh my!! 

Too many times we believe airing our dirty laundry is taboo or we think complaining about it brings camaraderie. Something is amiss ... 

Every day we are provided the opportunity of challenging our beliefs and grow and be who we want to be – or talk ourselves into staying within our comfort zone, believing its good enough.

Bit by bit there are ways of interrupting a pattern that causes pain.

I would have never tasted Universe’s bag of potato chips … wanting and having more opportunities of speaking had I listened and believed my doubts and fears. 

Because I risked, the return has been beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you! 

Put my name on your list for your upcoming events – I’d be honored to be a speaker …
May this find you living your dreams! 

Smiles to you,


  1. Isn't that the truth! You have to listen to your own drum and take the risk of putting yourself out there. The payoff is personal growth and we get to raise our own bar to a new level. It is your years of experience and deep knowledge that allow you to (appear to) shoot from the hip - others can't do that. It is your unique perspective and grounding that makes you so authentic Glenda!