Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Road Signs

Road Signs

Some of us take those road signs for granted - maybe a bit presumptuous at times - such as a sign stating the speed limit. I ignore it and speed on by - - or how about not paying attention and missing the exit which perpetuates me backtracking. Such is life - or is it?

With me being introspective, signs and cues are important contributions to my life. There are those times I'm arrogant with my thinking - telling myself I'll get away with what I'm doing. Sometimes I do and then there are those times, it comes back to bite me in the butt. So what's the big deal I say? It's the law of average, right?

For every time that I 'get away' with something I know that's out of alignment with my values, I am compromising my integrity which has a direct impact on all of my life. The 'get away with' is error thinking.

Today I had a conversation with a woman who shared how bad things have been this past week. I asked her about the good things in her life - she shared a few and resumed telling all of the things that went wrong. Her expectations weren't met. In the course of our conversation she came to realize that her expectations are set so high they are impossible for her to reach.  

I asked her to bring to mind someone that she admires and what about that person she admires. She shared "her friend is thoughtful" - I'm thinking to myself, now we're getting somewhere. The energy is shifting.

Being thoughtful is 180 degrees of unachievable expectations. 

This woman intends to focus on "thoughtful" this week; thoughtfulness in others and in of herself and to keep a daily journal of her 'finds'.

I found a road sign for myself embedded within her story as I am very familiar with setting my expectations too high.

After our conversation, I checked my email. Wouldn't you know I had three emails all delivering the same message: was I listening to my inner knowing? I didn't need to ask if they were a road sign.

Upon reading them I quietly asked myself, am I being thoughtful to me, am I acknowledging my essence as an expression of God or am I being pompous and telling myself that there's so many things that I've got to get done, I don't have time for me or for God? Ouch. Double whammy - error thinking.

Life is great!

May this find you paying attention to the road signs in your life.

Happy thoughts,

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