Friday, January 13, 2012

Reflections of You

Reflections of You

Do you find yourself being irritable and short fused, complaining because people can't do things the way you want them done …  sometimes life is miserable and unbearable for you and others around you ...  Sound familiar?

We humans forget that other people are doing the very best they know how ... though in that moment we're self-absorbed and believe our needs are more important than anyone else.

There's a Universal Law - it's a known as reflection. Our behaviors and moods are reflected back...

Here's an example: I have been a cranky witch, rude and short-fused and no one can do anything right. I believe nothing is wrong with me. 

I want a job and a customer service position is available. I believe I am the perfect match … I can utilize all of my skills … communication is my greatest strength. I had the interview and like several other interviews, no return call.

I can continue to blame them for not hiring me - or - slow down and realize why I’m not getting a call back. 

Thus, the lesson of reflection. 

Using reflection as a method of digging a bit deeper ... it brings incredible benefits.  That means letting go of blame, being rude and short-fused. My realization is if I want different, I need to be different. Reason enough for patience and compassion. Don't you agree?

Sunshine and laughter,

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